Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

Disgusting Insurrection

"Song" is the theme for today's wide Wednesday challenge. I highlighted the theme but based on what the U.S. is now experiencing, I needed to make the background dark.

At this point 5:25pm ET/3:25pm MT (me), I am horrified by what we're witnessing in Washington, DC. This seditious mob, members of the Trump Cult - and make no mistake, it is a cult. I fear for the safety of our lawmakers of all political parties and I fear for the safety of journalists. Our democracy will survive, but the damage done after 8 November 2016 will take generations to repair.  Definitely not in my lifetime

Darkness has fallen on the Capitol. I am not psychic but I suspect we will have even more violence.  I am posting now so that I can watch the coverage on television.

The members of this cult have no right, NO RIGHT, to fly the Stars and Stripes or refer to themselves as patriots. NONE. EVER.

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