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By Sallymair

Frozen fish!

Another cold icy morning today.
We have a small heater in our pond which goes on in the winter. It's less part than a light bulb but keeps the water above freezing. The fish as you can see, seem to like it. They survived without one for many years but I've become nicer as I've got older!!! It keeps the surface open around it, I love the ice crystals on the net too. I spent ages looking at them.
I had a slidey walk out today, but took a walking pole with a rubber stopper on it, which helped. This evening seems warmer and unlike previous evenings there's no frost.
Our power all went off this morning and after trial and error and mucking about high up in a cupboard with the RCD switches on the fuse board I managed to locate it to one fuse which controlled the lights in around half of the house. I then went around the house checking all the light bulbs in a lamp plugged into a socket but no luck in finding a faulty one. We decided that we had done all we could so we should to make use of our very expensive service contract with the gas board. I was very impressed when they said they send an electrician, who turned up a couple of hours later. The fault turned out to be the extractor fan in our bathroom which I would never have found. It had cut out and was tripping the circuit. He disconnected it and all is now well. He apologised that he didn't have one in his van but said he'd report that it needed replaced and to get back in touch once lockdown is over. Apparently we're covered for it as it is a health and safety issue in a non ventilated bathroom. He noted it on his report sheet and left.
We'd just finished lunch, when there was a knock on the door (why don't people ring door bells?). It was somebody delivering us a fan heater from the gas board as we needed a replacement fan! Colin ran after her to explain and return it, but we were impressed at the service. I wish I could say the same for Virgin. They are impossible to contact via their chat service.
Other than that we did some TV catch up, watched most of the 1949 Black Narcissus then part two of the new version. Must say I prefer it to the original I'm afraid, I found the over dramatics quite disturbing in that. We then watched part one of Traces which we also enjoyed.
Not often I watch so much TV but it was nice to veg out for change.

Keep safe and well everyone, looks like we have a third vaccine ready to use which is good news. A while till I get mine but the more people who are vaccinated the more my risk reduces, so thank you to them!

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