By Barking

Sand goanna

This (not so) little beauty raced across the road in front of our car this morning. It climbed a tree, only to have the bark fall off and it tumbled to the ground. Somewhat disgruntled, it crossed back on front of us and climbed a sturdier tree. It watched us warily, but didn't move while we took some shots. This was taken with my long lens, so we didn't get too close; I didn't want to upset it.

A little further on, we found the perfect spot for MrB to do a spot of fishing. Abe loved it too; racing around in the water, and getting wet up to his chest. It is the first time we've seen him actually enjoying water, so we are hopeful that one day, he might actually swim. Dreams are free. He's terrified of water usually, so this was quite a big deal.

The sun has actually come out and it's warm enough to take the rain jackets off; at least during the day. The fire will keep us warm tonight.


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