Life after Burradoo, NSW

By MountGrace

Not what it seems

No, this is not a holy candle. It is a citronella candle which is designed to ward off mosquitos. It is an absolute must at an Australian backyard barbeque. Australia is home to 300 types of mosquitos. That's in contrast to around 30 types in the UK, I am reliably informed by the British Pest Control Association.

Some Aussie mozzies can be very dangerous because they carry such diseases as Ross River virus and dengue fever. Apparently around 5,000 people across Australia fall ill due to Ross River virus each year. Cases occur all over Australia.  The symptoms can be joint pain, fever, rash, and headache. Some cases are really mild which feels like you've got a flu for a few days but sometimes it can be really debilitating and you can be bedridden for many weeks or months.

Some people are more prone to mosquito bites than others. As it happens mosquitos find my better half very attractive so we have to take some extra precautions. As well as the citronella candle we lit last night we also had two mosquito coils burning. They contain citronella as well as an insecticide. It did the trick - no mosquito bites last night.

I just thought I would encourage you all to come and visit Australia.

Yesterday's Hollywood stars were Hedy Lamarr and Marlene Dietrich.

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