By JennyOwen

A(nother) walk in the park.

Back to Sheffield Botanical Gardens this morning, while the weather was semi-dry.  I met up with Patricia, a very old friend, and her lurcher Hetty.  Hetty came to Patricia after a difficult past, and part of the legacy of that is that she is very easily 'triggered' by other dogs. Bite marks on her nose show evidence of past bad times, though P doesn't know the details.
So it was not the most relaxed of walks, since Hetty went a bit ballistic every time we passed another dog (she was on the lead the whole time, of course).

But as the image shows, the Gardens were quiet.  We'd gone earlyish anyway, but even well into mid-morning it was still quiet, and social distancing was not difficult.  On the way there and back, I noticed that the roads are much quieter than they were at the end of last week.  I hope that this is a good sign that people really are keeping trips to a minimum.

At Ruth's behest, I have filled in the online form to volunteer as a steward at NHS vaccination centres. Ruth is pinning her hopes  on the vaccine rollout for a return to more contact between us, and so is motivated to encourage me to play a part. She was pushing at an open door, really... we'll see what happens, as I know there has been talk of administrative obstacles about volunteering.

Back home, I started work on setting up a personal photography website. I want to have a way of pointing people to examples of past work, either when they ask or when I want to ask permission to take photos in the local library or other community settings.  I got a bit bogged down with some of it, but reckon that a session each day for the rest of this week should be enough to get over my hangups and finish it :-)

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