boat trials

Notice the puppy Cessna riding alone in the back! Large view is best. This is a still shot of Dave Lucas testing his hand built 26' cabin cruiser on Sunday afternoon, at Lucas Boatworks located on the Braden River in Florida. This is a tidal river that eventually flows into the Gulf of Mexico.

A short video of the beaching trials of this boat is here. You can hear me make a few comments (and whoops!) while filming it and my husband Steven does the commentary. Catch a glimpse of Steven when I turn the camera on him and you can even hear Asia and Chloe barking when Dave's wife Helen comes home to find him beaching the boat, uh oh! This is a recently finished boat hand built and designed by Dave Lucas. He says he much rather find out what a boat can do, before he needs to know en route!

Do not wait for ideal circumstances, nor the best opportunities; they will never come. ~ Janet E. Stuart

I am adding this to the One Street project as this river is my "one street".
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