By MarilynParker

Daily exercise

I walked from home to Taylor Park via Red Rocks path this morning.
Great to see the sunshine and blue sky after last night's torrential rain.
Lots of mud about and I nearly came a cropper with an unplanned slide on some. Saved myself with frantic arm-waving - well, it seems to work! Pulled something in my back though while doing this so I daren't twist around now as it hurts - but better than a smack onto my side on the mud I think. It will wear off.
Managed to keep well away from any other people - there were quite a few people in the park but it was far from busy.
Mum still has not had her jab (she is 92) - she was offered it before Christmas but said she couldn't have it till after Christmas! I think she wishes she'd gone now. I would have taken her. I'm not visiting mum as my brother is staying there and I think the less people she sees the safer. I ring her every day. I will take her for her jab though as it's allowed for medical reasons - she is certainly safer in my car (which nobody else goes in except Terry and he's not been in  it since August) than a taxi. Plus I can help her as she is not as good on her feet now.
Feelings very concerned about the new variant and now fast the virus is spreading. We are trying to shop only when we are running out of something vital eg milk but Terry had to go to Tesco for his prescription today and it was about 2pm. He phoned me to say he'd never seen so few people in there and should he do the shopping but I said to leave it for today. Perhaps people are taking this pandemic seriously again.

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