By LenBageDigital

The Land Army returns?

Applications for council-run allotments in England have soared during the coronavirus pandemic. Figures released in the summer of 2020 by the National Allotment Society (NAS) reveal that 40% of English councils that responded to a survey reported a “significant uplift” in applications to join waiting lists during April, with a 300% increase in one case – Hyndburn in Lancashire.

There are an estimated 330,000 allotment plots in England – the vast majority of which are the responsibility of local councils – while the National Trust has also provided many sites.

The average waiting time for a plot is six to eight months, according to separate data from the Association of Public Sector Excellence, and with only 12% of authorities able to guarantee a plot within six months. Half of councils said the average waiting time was 18 months, with waiting lists of up to 400 people in some areas.

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