One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

In Broadband We Trust

In fairness to Mrs Raheny, she planned lockdown #3 pretty well. 
There are 5 functioning work stations in the Raheny house, three with fully functioning headsets and all five set up for video calls. 
There was actually a stage yesterday morning at 10.30am when all five of us were in online meetings. 
As I type this I have a sense of foreboding and am deeply aware that I could be jinxing us all but the internet has been rather reliable throughout the Covid crisis (so far...) Perhaps not lightning fast but yesterday was the acid test when we were all simultaneously working remotely. 

We see very little of each other during the day. 
We had coffee machine conversations in the kitchen during lunchbreak. 
All we need is a Rec Team and we'll be like a mini Mistake Factory in the comfort of our home... 

Brave new world... 

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