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And on they go...

P5b, Elmvale Primary was one of the first to become involved in the George Wyllie initiative, and on they go...

Today, we were talking to the pupils at the two school assemblies about George's work, about what P5b have been doing and about what has been happening in other schools. It was part of Elmvale's Scotland topic which the whole school is working on.

There are 325 pupils in the school, half came to the first assembly (P1-P4) and the other half to the second one (P4-P7). The nursery children were also there in the first assembly. There's a really nice photo of those audiences, about 170 of them each time, all listening well, but we need to confirm permissions before posting those online. You can picture them though. That's the size of group that Marie, Emma and Ben are talking to here. Confident individuals.

The trio - from P5b - were outlining to the assembly some of things they've been doing in their Wyllie work, especially learning about the Straw Locomotive with its Springburn connections and the Paper Boat, and taking part in the press preview in November, and visiting the exhibition. Over to them...

"We drew lots of trains and stuck them altogether to make a giant paper boat for the George Wyllie exhibition.

We met his daughter and she showed us around his scul?tures."

Marie Massala

"We visited the Mitchell Library and had a look at some of George Wyllie's inventions and sculptures. We had a go on the 'Slap and Tickle' machine.

The photographers took lots of pictures of us and we were even on TV!"

Emma McClafferty

"The next day, our whole class got to visit the George Wyllie exhibition and heard his famous 'Paper Boat Song' played on the ukulele.

Angela came to Elmvale and recorded our reactions t his work and found out what our favourite sculpture was.

Mine was the soap gun."

Ben Elliott

"And mine was the metal dolphin."
Emma McClafferty

"And mine was the 'Slap and Tickle Machine."
Marie Massala

So, on they go. This time P5b, Elmvale PS passing on the Wyllie word to over 325 other youngsters in the school. They themselves are going to be doing some new tile design work on the locomotive theme. Watch this space.

Well done Elmvale PS!

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