By Ingleman

Keep Britain Tidy (LOL)

Amongst other things I am a member of the Keep Britain Tidy - Litter Heroes  group on Facebook, and frequently walk my local streets and lanes, picking up litter and detritus left by my fellow humans. We share the same world, we have equal responsibility for it, and I am happy to give time to keep my own area clean. Not my problem, not my waste, but I can't bitch and moan about the state of the country and not do anything about it. So I do my bit. Always have, hopefully always will. It is disheartening, but I have thousands of FB friends across the country who also try to do their bit. Some images I have seen, of littering, and fly tipping are heartbreaking and disturbing. We are worse than our medieval forebears, who tipped their waste into the street. We are killing the world we live in, literally. The photo shows the result of 1 hour picking in my area. I live in a highly sought after residential area on the Staffordshire border. People who live here have the opinion that they are special, and well to do. Forgive me if I beg to differ. In 1 hour I picked 16 glass bottles, 17 plastic bottles, 24 beer cans, 9 disposable face masks, corrugated plastic sheeting, 2 pairs of latex gloves and all the usual food packaging and cigarette packets you get anywhere. Is it simply the fact that people now think it is OK, normal to toss this crap on the ground? It beats me. I just go round clearing up after the tossers. And don't get me started on dog poo bags hanging from trees. Civilisation? I don't think so. 

I have posted below the link to the facebook litter heroes group for anyone interested in what we do and how to get involved.

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