What a frustrating day.

When I got to the Office the wifi was not working. The phones were, but no wifi means no printing or scanning and no access to files.  

So, back to work-from-home. Fortunately it was raining, so I had taken the car rather than walking. 

I went back to the Office mid afternoon, but still no wifi. I phoned IT (after I had switched everything off and on again several times) but IT is shut at the weekend. I texted the Manager. She did respond, but could not help. I phoned the Boss. The same. 

Between that and the “my neighbour has been vaccinated, but what about me?” emails flooding my inbox, morale was low. 

Recovery meant an escape to Istanbul and good food. 


Another positive from the day was more books arriving. They were quick - I only ordered them on Thursday morning. Apart from reading reviews I have no idea what I have bought. They will take me to Finland and Quebec. 

Anything to get me out of here…

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