By Ingleman

Curiosity Could Kill The Cat

I am not inviting comment on the photo as that is not the point of the blip today. It is a quick snap of a gate. Part of a very long section of ironwork fence. Separating the garden behind it from the alleyway where I am standing. I am a curious sort and found the idea of a gate here most intriguing and have done some research. Behind the alley on this side is a row of terraced cottages dating back to 1877 and the gardens are very long and very narrow. Behind the fence is a line of huge leylandii trees, and you will observe some corrugated material which looks suspiciously like asbestos, cracked, split, crumbly. A worry. Behind me on the other side a wooden fence separates the alley from a development of posh houses, built on what used to be a reservoir once part of substantial assets belonging to Severn Trent water authority. It has triggered a domino effect for me, finding a huge and ornate stone gate post at the end of the alley, and opposite the entrance to the alley an unassuming block of flats where once stood a magnificent gothic house. Curiouser and curiouser. My research is expanding into a very time consuming enterprise but I am most concerned about the asbestos. I will be calling some people, and hopefully I will be proved wrong. And then it might just be a blind alley.

**As always, huge thanks to all for comments and stars on blips for the last few days. Much appreciated! *

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