The train station

We went for a walk today for some fresh air and exercise (outside exercise is ok during this lockdown) while the soup machine made pea and mint soup. We went to the train station – to see how what our MP raved about a while ago was getting on – and back.

It seems they’ve finished – and our MP looks very pleased with himself. Was it even his idea?

They’ve removed the pedestrian crossing across the track that provided the only access to platform one, they’ve added access to platform one from the vet’s side with steps and a long ramp, and they’ve extended platform two to accommodate eight-carriage trains (as opposed to four). Platform one will not be extended. We thought the underpass didn’t look quite finished, what with the temporary-looking lights and the wires everywhere.

All this work to reduce the awful overcrowding on this route seemed important once upon a time.

The pea and mint soup was really nice, and still hot thanks to the new model’s keep-warm function.

It was fortunate that we went out before lunch than after because it started snowing. Proper big flakes, and enough of them to lie even on the wet road. It stopped after an hour or two. It was fab while it lasted. (See extra.)

Pedants: feel free to substitute train station with railway station. Now think about bus stations.

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