By Charente

Wood Pigeon in the wind.

Odd day with not much done.  Something I seldom ever do is to watch TV, but we have a lot of recorded programmes so spent the afternoon watching 3  shortish 'Sounds of the 60's' and then 'The French Connection'film.  I had a real giggle in Sounds of the 60's when watching Freddie and the Dreamers. singing 'I'm telling you now' prancing around on stage with swinging their legs.  Hilarious.  I see they are on YouTube if you want to have a laugh, sadly I cannot watch YouTube properly as our connection is too slow.  It plays for a couple of seconds then stops!

Phone call just now to FIL but he does not really know who we are anymore.  Very sad, but he is fit in body although nearly 100s old.

Leftover fish pie tonight with creamed chard and onion.

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