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Evening Walks

A morning of dealing with the UK tax man. Form finally submitted, tho I’m doubtful the person I spoke to for clarification ( after a 45 minute wait) had any idea that part of the system was actually online when he recommended I open the option which did not even mention pensions ( ‘they often don’t give an example of the income they want you to note’ he said ???)

Anyhoo, I’ve done my best, stand back and see where that goes.

Then off to the shop to pick up a large rug, home and a cuppa then time for evening walkies.

Our Harry is doing so well, off lead on most of the evening walk route, except where the rabbits live.

We meet this crew every night- various members turn up. Tonight - wee blackie, sore eye and the gregarious Tin tan! Tin tan gives Harry no end of grief and he just sucks it up!

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