Ellie's World

By TristarEllie


Happy Friday!

Lovely walk up in the hills with Fiona & Hugo...

Last week we had snow, this week we have floods. There are lakes where there have not been lakes for at least 15 yrs.

Today was really warm. So warm I took my jacket off and tied it around my waist (like we used to do on school day trips!) it was great not to have so many layers on.

Hugo wanted to

(a) drink the muddy water
(b) swim in any expanse of water he came across
(c) chase squirrels!!
(d) play sticks........Not fetch though.....you throw it, then Hugo stops and looks at a stick and you have to pick it up. We did that for a while....

Love Fridays!

He is such a lovely dog. Everyone loves him.

24344 steps!

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