By Ingleman


Working at the Moat where I volunteer, I couldn't resist the colour and condition of this wheel barrow. The light was diffuse, pouring through the walls of the workshop, constructed from industrial grade bubble wrap.
My first day volunteering for two weeks and enjoying the work, continuing with restoration work on a number of timber benches and chairs. It's been a lovely sunny day and work continues apace, with everyone busy doing a variety of maintenance and repair jobs, getting ready for Spring and a new season of hope, and happiness.
This morning I took Hollie dog for a short walk and while I was away Mrs I took her out for a run over the fields near to home. We reconvened this evening for tea and a quiz binge on TV.  Monday night is quiz night and there is a great deal of shouting at the box with answers we know, but all goes quiet when University Challenge comes on. Really, we know nothing. But even without a University degree we have survived 44 years of marriage and 46 years of working and raising a family. As most people do. We do feel blessed and just luxuriate in the simple pleasures of life. 1st of February today. Somebody say 'White Rabbits'.... 

**Thank you as always for stars and comments yesterday, I hope to attend to responses as soon as possible. *

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