Dawn's Journal

By DawnP


Jigsaw puzzles seem to be very popular across Blipland currently ... maybe the various lockdown conditions around the globe have something to do with it!

I have always loved doing jigsaws, having been introduced to the hobby as a child by my great aunts, one widowed and the other unmarried, who shared their childhood family home together until rehoused when it was pulled down to make way for development. It is now a supermarket!

Today I mostly use an iPad app for my puzzles (no lost pieces, no tables to clear). However I have been intrigued by these traditionally cut wooden piece puzzles now appearing, and requested and received one for Christmas. Although it has only 300 pieces (which would normally take me around 1-2 hours to complete), each piece is different with some shaped like an animal and there are no clearly identifiable edge pieces. It’s not getting any easier as I get nearer to completing it either.

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