By dunkyc


The wind was still bitingly cold, so we didn’t venture far today.

I was pleased to be able to convince the children to move from the house at all, to be honest. When the fires are lit it really is the most cosy place, but regardless, whilst we all need to loaf about every now and then, we also need some exercise too. Genuinely impressed by the absence of the moaning and whinging I was anticipating, which told me that they needed some air every bit as much as I did.

The remainder of the day passed in snacks, High School Musical 3 (shudder), Mario Kart and a few hands of cards. Found some time during the evening to tinker and put the final touches to Episode 2 of (PLUG KLAXON) D versus The Bear which features a tiny bit of original music from yours truly.

Unfortunately, you will have to watch it for an explanation of today’s blip.

Massive thanks to those of you who sat through Episode 1!

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