By Charente

Too cold for the buds!!

Apart from the viburnum, nothing else is opening, think it is too cold for them!  Red robin, viburnum, snowdrop, and yellow crocus.

I feel fine after the vaccine other than my arm feels a bit bruised, not too serious.

We were out most of the morning, A trip to Lidl, the pharmacy, the plant shop to get my seed potatoes that we ordered - we missed them last year so this year we made sure our name was on the list.  Luckily I had enough potatoes left last year that I could use my old ones for planting.  We always grow  Prospère as we find they are big in size and crop, also they store well for 8 to 9 months.  After that, we went to Leclerc to do the main shopping.  We found Duck confit on special so as I have all the other ingredients I will make cassoulet tomorrow which will keep us going for a few days.

It was lunchtime when we got home and I spent the afternoon making a curried vegetable soup with all the leek tops, celery tops, radish tops, cauliflower leaves and more and more bits and pieces, it tastes pretty good but I could never repeat the recipe as I just threw everything  I could lay my hands-on into it.

Dinner tonight was filet d'églefin (sounds so much better than white haddock!) served with the last of the butternut stew.  I did the filets in breadcrumbs mixed with thyme and some parmesan, poured a little melted butter over them and then cooked them on a very high heat in the oven for 15 mins, delicious.

Keep safe everyone and dry and warm, our weather does not look like changing for a while yet!!!

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