By Ridgeback13

Light at the end of the tunnel

Another day at the desk, but had a freer afternoon than usual as was supposed to be interviewing but hadn't had any applicants (mind you I did have a brainwave that might sort out that problem!). Caught up with C about her perspective on things at work and plans for tomorrow's discussion which I think will be tricky.
Took the chance of a lunchtime walk through the Meadows since T had sent me a photo of snowdrops, crocuses and irises coming up through his front lawn and I wondered if they'd be through yet up here. I had to get right down on the ground to make these look anything other than a tentative purple or orange blush across the grass, but no matter how little it was so good to see signs of spring. Listening to wee Nicola saying some schoolchildren will go back next week was also cheering...even if she did say there wasn't a likelihood of holidays at Easter (I've got fingers crossed for the house I've booked in Norfolk for the family to all go to together in the week after Easter). So desperate to see them all again.
Useful call from BT about the continuing TV problems - thank goodness I'd videod the pixellated picture on some channels or I doubt they'd have believed me - these things never show the problem when the expert's there to see! Also pleased to have a response from the Australian bank to my complaint about the problems P's having with transferring his money....hoping that may also get sorted soon with a bit of luck.
More roast chicken leftovers for supper....the Simon Hopkinson recipe really is a good one, especially when it's a large chicken with plenty to last all week! I was preparing it just after 5pm and couldn't believe how much light was still in the sky - such a relief to feel we're heading for Spring!

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