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By HarlingDarling

Bit of a blur

So what did I do today?

Woke up a bit before I was awake, if you see what I mean - Keith had an all day meeting.
Made soup for the outdoor party on Saturday, made the sauce for the pasty party later in the evening.
Forgot to eat breakfast.
Went to start the car nad found a flat battery, thanked my lucky stars that we have a 12 year old car and that it always starts.
Did a dash to the garage (in the ancient car) to collect a parcel that I happen to know is for Keith.
Did a "completing the shopping list"  shop, ie the stuff I forgot the other day.

Walked and sparked down to the lake and back, talk about slippery! Ice with fluffy snow on top is a bit of a killer. (lots of cars off the roads yesterday and today)
Plugged the car battery into the charger as we left, it fired up on our return and we have left it charging up. Fingers crossed.

Did yoga which practically killed us both as we are so tired was hard work.
Drew my drawing, eventually, and very late, but did it anyhow.
Ate some of Keith's delicious bread with an excellent matured cheese and some of my saffron lemon curd. Thought of it as low calorie food. (It isn't)

Rang sister-in-law Caroline who is 59 tomorrow, she arrived as Keith's birthday present when he was 11 - his mum gave birth at home and his party was taken over by a very kind neighbour!
Lovely to get Grace (she of the film about her special needs and hopes for the future) on the home phone, as Caroline was still at work, as usual. (she runs Futures Theatre who do overy worthy and very exciting things, link here and is always working)
Grace told us all the family news which is handy - all is well.

Spoke to a friend, as per my Lenten promise. (phew, she rang me in fact, but hey ho)
Wrapped a present for the birthday boy, ordered by me in Sweden, but from the Harling family in the UK - so glad it arrived in time to be tittivated!
Ate dinner.
Drank red wine.
Acknowledged how tired I was after a too short night.
Raced through blip, reading and looking at your photos but not commenting, felt a bit rubbish about that, but hey ho.
Wrote the above, finito bambino! Over, and out!

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