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By keibr

Newly baked Bread - not for Instagram

One of the problems with the Instagram culture is that you see so many pictures of perfection - perfect views, perfect people, perfect sourdough bread. But life isn't like that (not my life anyway). In real life you win some, you lose some.  You also learn through a trial and error process, which means you don't achieve perfection so often. So here is my antidote to Instagram culture, some rather uninspiring sourdough loaves.
Using my new machine I mixed a big (4 kilos) batch of bread. For various reasons the dough sat in the first proofing  for too long, and rose too much. I knocked it back a little, shaped it and left in the baskets in the fridge overnight. Being warm it rose a little more before it cooled fully. And then today I baked it. My oven-spring, the expansion as you bake it, was virtually non-existent and I have six rather sorry looking loaves. I think the first proofing used up all the energy in the sourdough, or maybe I over-kneaded it in the machine.  More trials needed!
The good news is the bread had risen enough so it cooked thouroughly and properly. I have bread that tastes good and, even if it is a little dense, is very edible.  But it's not Instagram bread.
It was left to cool here on our staircase, which is not heated so much and is presently at about 12°C.  As you see the staircase is also a place to keep other items that we want to see every time we race up and down the stairs.
Yesterday was "Joe Tree Day", honouring the founder of Blipfoto. Because I baked late into the night I didn't get the photo up until today. So if you feel like it click back a day and check out the backblip.

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