By madowoi

2012 Best Interior

I think the nearby gravel pit is going to be a more fruitful photography location than I anticipated.

Decided to go for a walk before it got dark and on the way back stopped in at the gravel pit just to see. I was thinking about abstract Thursday, but lo and behold encountered this derelict trophy case. I could just make out on the lower plate "2012 Best Interior." I believe the upper plate read "Harmon Tire," which is a local business just off island which has no connection to the gravel pit that I'm aware of. I suspect there's some high jinx involved somewhere in this story. The other side of the trophy was still a bright aquamarine, but this side is quite weathered and worn. 

A belated congratulations to the proud victor.

As for the rest of the day, I was proud of myself for going in to school to get a little work done as I had planned. It wasn't much, but the next few days will be more relaxing without it nagging at me. Sadly, I'm even more pleased with myself for getting the oil changed on the car, since I have some strange aversion to things automotive, and normally my wife has to deal with it all. But I sucked it up and drove in to Prompto. It was quite simple, really.

Come to think of it, maybe this trophy was my little karmic reward!

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