horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

That all came off me???

Harris demonstrating why he needs brushed regularly....

While he gets top spot, the text is about the extra - a wee cartoon I quite like. Grayson's Art Club is soon back on Channel 4, hurrah! I didn't do a drawing for the first theme (Family) (which is on telly this Friday I think); but last week for 'Nature' did a giant A2 representation of some of the wildlife in our garden during lockdown (also in the extras, meant to do that last week).

This week's theme is 'Food'. I'd struggled for some inspiration, then at the weekend did a drawing of Gordon Ramsay as a suckling pig (I figured the apple in his mouth would shut him up for a bit - I've got very little time for people who have made a career of of being objectionable)... But the phrase 'Some Hae Meat' from the Selkirk Grace came to mind, and I had this idea of an almost Dickensian view of the opulent wealthy dining over the poor and disenfranchised. 

Heck, we were told plenty enough by those who landed Brexit on us that the UK has the fourth largest economy in the world. If that's the case it is an utter disgrace that so many in this country go hungry.

The chances of getting on the Art Club are pretty miniscule (apparently there are around 10,000 submissions for each theme), but I like the idea of it, and it makes me think of a grown-up version of Take Hart where you desperately want to get something in the gallery.

I'd planned on finishing this during the evening, but late afternoon I got hacked off with a situation at work, and (knowing I'd have to get some stuff done in the evening instead) took myself out of things for half an hour to finish the various bits of shading.

It's a new-ish style for me, and I do genuinely like how it has turned out (whereas the nature drawing I'm still not sure, while Mel, who normally has reservations about my various drawing styles, actually liked it - the world's a funny place).

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