By EEPaul

Dangling thief

Our bird-feeder, put out to help our garden birds during the winter, is being raided by an athletic squirrel. It climbs up the metal rod, then dangles by its toes to steal our birdseed, occasionally perching on the top. (RSPB website suggests petroleum jelly might be used to make the rod too slippery for rodents.)

Saw Josh, my regular physiotherapist (shame that I have needed a 'regular' physio), about my knee today. He thinks the issue is hamstring- related and has recommended some strengthening exercises, and no running for a week or so. He identified that my left leg is weaker than my right. While I was always right-footed, I wonder if the imbalance might have been worsened by a cycling injury (torn ligaments in my left hip) I suffered after a bad fall a few years ago, which put me on crutches for two months.

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