By IainatCreel

Dunes Help You Breathe More Easily

Without any indication whatsoever the Current Mrs Creel pulled into the fast lane (empty) and went straight over the horizon.

An atypical day which saw us visit Burray.  I know, sometimes these things happened.

In the afternoon we spent some time in the tunnel (not concealed under the hut stove) lifting remaining carrots / parsnips / sprouts, lots of beetroot and the remains of the watercress.

Received a phone call from folk who live in Scapa to say they’d had folk from Aberdeenshire trying to get us on the phone a few times.  Our pal from Buchan (Methlick) passed away this morning at 89.  She was an absolutely superb neighbour to us and shared some great times.  

God rest Mrs G.

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