By CleanSteve

The greylag geese got spooked

What a delightful day, with barely a cloud to spoil the constant sunshine. I returned to Frampton Court to walk by the lake and enjoy the wildlife.

As the sun went down I prepared to go, but kept being drawn back to look at the light on the wintry vegetation and reflections on the lake.

The large flock of geese, mostly greylags were grazing on the meadows with occasional courtship displays and chasing of rivals. Suddenly they became spooked and with a big squaw they all took flight and headed to the lake for protection. This does happen quite regularly.

I happened to be strolling along the bank of the lake and they came virtually over me. This is why I love being there, to be able to get so close to such events.

When they landed on the lake, I counted more than eighty in the flock.

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