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By walkingMarj

Where is Oscar?

I phoned the vet first thing. Ideally, she wanted Oscar in there this morning, in case he needs surgical intervention to his sore foot.

I had an orthopaedic appointment in Newcastle so I accepted an afternoon vet appointment.

The surgeon and I agreed to give the knee a bit more time. I have to try taping (which I have tried previously but there is no harm in doing it again). Then, and only then, he may pop a drop of steroid into the area that remains inflammed/painful/swollen.

It's a reasonable plan.

Back home and I had to psyche myself up to capture Oscar. I wore overtrousers, a thick coat and leather gauntlets. Needless to say I did not succeed in combining a cat and a basket. Oscar became a hissing, spitting, swiping wild cat. (Last time we did this was in 2018. Annette put him in his basket but was bitten and had a horrible infection in her hand and arm.)

I cancelled the appointment. Then I had a call to offer sedation for an appointment tomorrow (that's for Oscar, not me!). 

The receptionist at the vet's was so nice to me when I went.

Oscar has disappeared, has not fed or wailed or used the litter. I have to give the medication at 0600. I wonder if I will find him by then? Wish me luck. I may not sleep well...

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