By Ridgeback13

Not 5 anymore

Today was my birthday. Managed to have a lovely day with video calls and singing at points throughout the day (starting when I was in the shower! - I dashed out and nearly slipped and fell which led to a great deal of amusement as I was told I was now approaching an age where instead it will be said I "took a fall" rather than "fell" - haha?!), gifts arriving (albeit some after I'd finished making this collage) and a lunch including delicious home made Tunis cake with V. It was such a treat for us to both dress up a wee bit and get out her best china (that used to be my Mum's) and eat with a real life other human....!
Quieter evening after the last call, but good to just relax and reflect on birthdays from other years....I like the photo of me in my party dress at my 5th birthday. At least today I didn't lose the pass the parcel (when there only used to be one prize!) and end up in tears!

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