In the 'yard

Spring is definitely late in coming to our shady 'yard this year. The snowdrops are still flowering, and a couple of miniature daff flowers have appeared, but the crocus flowers are still tightly closed, and no sign yet of flowers on the little Fuji cherry tree. Soon, hopefully...

A slightly stressful start to the day, with a hair cut for MrM. I've done it several times now, since the beginning of the first lockdown, and he's so happy with the results that he's appointed me his official hairdresser! Hmmm!

The day had dawned bright, but by the time I went for my walk this afternoon the now familiar gloom had resumed, my Blip mojo evaporated, and the only photo today is this, taken on my way through the 'yard on returning home. In so doing I noticed a couple of miniature daffodil bulbs, with buds, on the concrete, almost certainly pulled out of the soil by one of the blackbirds. They're proving to be real vandals!

While re-planting the bulbs, I somehow managed to pull a muscle in my leg, so there was no exercise on the bike as intended. Back upstairs, while starting to prepare dinner, the lights flickered on and off a few times, shortly after which there were two powers cuts. Each lasted less than 10mins, but after that it didn't seem such a good idea to attempt roasting potatoes in an electric oven. Thank goodness for a gas hob! After dinner, no answer from Lucy when I tried to phone, but a slightly worrying text pinged back. Hopefully she'll enlighten me tomorrow.

In the evening, MrM and I decided to watch a film, the 2011 version of Wuthering Heights. Beautifully shot and very melancholic - maybe not the best film to watch if you're feeling slightly low to start with...
Tomorrow is another day!

Lockdown 3, day 62

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