By annemcurtis

Son and Daughter-in-law

Decided that it was about time to visit their father and myself despite Covid rules as they realised that their father was very ill. We did not know how ill he was at this point. The visit which included the children was good and everyone talked to Grandad while he had some energy to respond.
There was snow outside and the kids played  and made snowballs.
Our son Douglas reports next as I cannot remember..........                
Paramedic nurse (Although I did request a Doctor ) arrives in morning and checks Dad/Alan out He wasn't concerned from his measurements  and he said that he could remain at home. 
Dad drinks some milk
Doug, Siobhan, Cian & Esme visit Grandad at home in Livingston. Alan is
in bed tired but in good form and good colour in face
Went on to elbows to sip water, didn’t need help getting up
Stayed in bed for day. I think that the next morning he tried to go downstairs but almost fell on top of Mum at top of stairs. Mum said that he should now remain upstairs. This is what happened from now on.

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