Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

Anybody remember?

I spotted this on the floor, heads up looked very like a "new" penny until within "Computer specks" range.

Not too long after/before we were "Centimalised", our watch was presented with this by the company Joker.
(R. I. P. Farmer.) 
NOBODY should outlive their offspring but old Nocky did 
: ¬ (   
I still maintain that 10pence = 1 Florin, 10 Florins = 1 pound would have been DECImal.  Particularly since the Victorians got half way there with a coin which told users that it was "One Florin - one tenth of a Pound."

Can you remember / have you met a Puzzle requiring you to add coinage.
Can not remember 100% but went like this:-
50% of ladies underware.
+ Half a royal headgear.
+ Two Roberts.
+ A curer of leather.
+ Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.
It WAS longer, but can't clearly remember what they were.

Found this gem. LOVE the way they parenthesise (Probably)

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