The red barn

For a while now, MrM has been wanting to walk to Broadstruther, and late morning we set off to do just that. A pleasant route, up past Wooler Common Farm, along Hell Path (though I've no idea why it's so named), and across the Carey Burn footbridge before heading up to Broadstruther. Once a ruined farm cottage/shepherd's hut (depending on which account you read), sometimes used as a shelter by walkers, it was rebuilt some years ago and is now a very well-kept shooting hut and a well-known landmark. The wind was fierce, much stronger than forecast, and we had to fight against it every step of the way there, which was exhausting!

No photos of Broadstruther, as the weather clagged in while we were there, and the camera was packed away in my rucksack.  The red barn is at Wooler Common Farm, which we passed near the start of the walk.

We continued on to Commonburn House, and returned to Wooler along the tarmacked track from there. Much more pleasant on the way back as the wind had dropped and the sky cleared. It was a longer walk than either of us has done in a long while, just over 10 miles, and I suspect that we'll feel it tomorrow. But tomorrow is another day...

Lockdown 3, day 69

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