A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Reflections ... (on 4000 blips!)*

Spring was back today after a cold wet weekend so lots of people were out enjoying it including us.

As we headed up to the St Ives estate taking, unusually for us, the Thursday ladies, route we bumped into Wendles56 and friend and ex colleague H. It was great to have a chat, the main topic of conversation being hair and having too much of it and the new village cake shop. They were going on a similar walk to us but the other way around - didn't bump into them again though.

We continued up (up being the reason Chris and I rarely do this route) past Lady Blantyre’s Rock and out at the top of the estate to walk ‘outside the walls’ down Alter Lane.
The walls became a topic of our conversation noting the interesting moss and lichens colouring them and speculation as to what it would have cost to have built them all! Extra

I had thought the walls would be my blip but when I downloaded I really liked the reflections on this small pond which is just off the main path near the start of our walk. I’m not sure why but I always think of it as looking rather primordial. Possibly because it is more like a swamp in drier weather.

We continued on the walled paths before returning to the centre of the estate for a coffee at the Ivy Kitchen.

On our way back to the village we bumped into more village friends. The topic of conversation - hair again! We’ll all get a haircut before long!

*Just been notified that I’ve published my 4000th entry. I was notified on Friday, after posting, that I had three more entries to my 4000th which I took to be tomorrow! I knew it was near as rainie had hers yesterday and I knew she started just before me.
Crazy that this number has arrived but it is a mark of this amazing site that you can continue to enjoy something for so long and not find it a chore. That is largely down to the great friends this community of blip provides from all over the world, so much more special and supportive than any other form of social media.
This is is not what I had planned but never mind.  My 3000th was three years ago in June with a picture of Eda and a red balloon.  Let’s hope I get it right for my 11 year blip in a couple of weeks!

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