twinned with trumpton


As I was cycling with Her homewards mid afternoon, we passed the local swimming and paddle board hot spot, and the sun came out, the sea looked calm, and She looked at me and said 'maybe I should just go out for a quick go...?'

We'd passed earlier on Her way down; slightly delayed by Her lad having ordered avocado toast and cinnamon latte to be delivered. The sea had been covered in ripples and was a steely uninviting grey. So we / She decided that some time choosing soft furnishings online might a better use of our time.

Anyway, I figured I needed a blip, so back we went; and 20 minutes later She was disappearing off over the horizon with a stiff tail wind sending her waaaay out to sea. Eventually She arrested progress, turned about and slogged Her way back to shore; much to my relief. I had visions of having to scramble Pensioner to the rescue....

Apart from that, there was much sport on TV (6 nations; a N Lahndahn derby that was OK) and a post dinner potter around the abandoned harbour with the sons as the sun set.

I'll look back on all this enforced leisure with fondness in about 3 months time*

*I won't.

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