By Artyfartyannie

Colourful Bouquet of Flowers

from Lloyd and Alexandra in Australia.

I'm not going to a massive amount of trouble to take shots of the day. These lovely flowers will possibly serve a few blips. Lloyd and Alexandra were very very upset to hear how ill Alan was and then finally when he died. They were most sympathetic and upset themselves about what we had both been through. They phoned regularly throughout the year to see how things were and what hope there might have been to extend Alan's life. Alan and I always hoped that there would be something to help and I did plenty of research on the subject. That was a good thing as we didn't spend the whole year worrying about impending death and we never knew how long Alan's condition could be "managed" The oncologist must have been slightly suspicious when his condition didn't respond very well to the first line of treatment. After the second line of treatment did not work, or only worked slightly the Oncologist said to us that he would have to keep a close eye on Alan and gave him palliative radiotherapy to the metastasis in the pelvis and the femur before Xmas to 'let him have a more restful time over the season of good will" Sadly the treatment did not work very well or perhaps he would have had more pain had he not had the treatment is what I'm thinking now.

By some stroke of luck our Australian friends had come to visit for a good spell in the year before Covid when Alan appeared to be quite well.
We had a great time with them and I'm sure they were very glad to have seen Alan then.

And now to fill in the jigsaw of what happened when, I am going to backblip

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