By Ingleman


Our house is a modest home but it has some character and unusual features such as doors in the corners and a 'reception' hallway that doubles as a dining room. At certain times of the year we get strong westerly sunlight casting dramatic shadows across the walls of the hallway banqueting space. I have posted before on these shadows (16th January) and tonight I was on the floor again trying to capture the drama. It made me feel a bit giddy and reminded me of a strange ride at Alton Towers called Hex. It was very disorienting and I felt queasy for quite a while afterwards. Getting this close to our carpet was an unwise move and I feel soiled.
We used to have all stripped pine and bare wood throughout the house but for some reason a few years ago we painted the lot... It upset me actually, I was overcome with emulsion, but we will gloss over that. I liked the shadows and matt sheen of the light on painted wood. Another blip in the can.

Have a great Thursday, I'm off for a shower now having brushed the mud off my knees and grit from beneath my nails... 

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