a lifetime burning

By Sheol

3 Squared

Abstract Thursday: Repetition

It seems strange to think that a year ago I was off work recovering from a "flu -like" virus, with symptoms similar to coronavirus and self isolating, but we will never know if it was the real thing as it wasn't possible to get tested at that stage.   I had not quite retired, as I still had just over another 2 weeks to "work".  But in practice that consisted of calling into the (empty) office to collect my personal belongings in due course.

A year later and my retirement has not panned out at all as I had imagined.  Our days are rather more repetitive than I had hoped, but its not all bad. Today marks the expiry of 21 days since my first vaccination shot, so hopefully I should now have some anti-bodies.  As a result tomorrow I'm hoping to get out on the motorbike for a bit of a (local) jaunt... 

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