Ingunn in Oslo

By IngunnInOslo

Sølvstufoss, Norway

Today it's my 11th anniversary on Blipfoto.

I decided to celebrate the day by hiking to two places that I haven't been before.  

This is the waterfall Sølvstufoss and the start of that Åsgardselva river. (extra). The landscape is unusual for this rather flat region.  
Even with extremely icy and steep tracks families managed to reach Sølvstufoss for enjoy bonfire and some food (extra).

The other place is an old timber booms. (extra). Also here I found great nature scenes (extra).

Even if I use less time on Blipfoto than the first years, at least I have not used less time getting out with the camera. It's still an absolutely joy after all these years.

Thanks for dropping by!

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