By JanetMayes

Project 365 day 83: broad beans and garlic

I used to sow my broad beans in the greenhouse, as the garden tends to be very wet in winter so is impossible to prepare for early planting. Last year the beans were all stolen and eaten, I assume by mice, so this year I have started them indoors. I've also started the garlic in small pots, just until the garden is ready for it; I did this for the first time last year, to avoid planting it very late, and it worked very well. 

Today I sowed lettuce in trays, Little Gem and a larger cos type called Stryker. I've put them in the heated propagator, which is by no means essential but will get them off to a flying start, and the first tray of aubergine seedlings was ready to come out. The propagator can take three trays, so I try to cycle things through fairly quickly - most of the tomatoes have already passed through it, and a bit later it's useful for cucumbers, squashes and pumpkins.

P has been rotavating today, and is preparing to plant onion sets and potatoes soon. He also cleared a bed of cavallo nero, bringing the plants for me to pick though and remove the good leaves before they go to the compost heap. They suffered a lot of weather damage in February - I think they normally last a bit longer. Now all we have left in the vegetable garden are leeks and brussels sprouts. We are eating lots of very tasty leek and potato soup as we work though what's left of last year's potato harvest.

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