A time for everything

By turnx3

Saguaro cactus

We left our accommodation at about 8.30 to drive to the airport to meet our daughter Jen flying in from Salt Lake City. Her flight was a bit late taking off, but made up some time en route, and she hadn’t checked a bag, so was soon through. Since she had a very early start she hadn’t eaten before she left, so we went out for breakfast, then went on to our house for Jen to drop her bag off, then we set out for Saguaro National Park. The Park actually comprises two areas, one to the west of Tucson, known as the Tucson Mountain District, the most visited area, and the one we visited today, and the other to the east of Tucson, known as the Rincon Mountain District. The gently sloping alluvial hills below the Tucson mountains create an ideal habitat for these giant cacti. They grow very slowly to begin with, an inch or so during their first 6 to 8 years. They won’t sprout branches or arms until they are at least 70 years old. They reach full height, generally 40-50 ft at about 150 years, though some may reach a height of 75 feet. They are a wonderful sight when they flower during the month of May. Saguaros usually die of old age, but may also be damaged and killed by lightening, freezing, wind and drought. The morning had begun really cool, quite usual for the desert, and very grey and overcast, but as the day went on we got some nice sunny spells from time to time. We did a 4 1/2 mile loop, and later a fairly short out and back trail to a view point, when the late afternoon light was lovely. I have added a more general view in extras, together with a view of a petroglyph in the Park.

Step count for today: 16,726

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