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By HarlingDarling

Annual General Meeting, tick!

We just finished the Left Party Annual General Meeting, which was 2 hours long, plus a bit of faffing in the beginning and a bit of the new board saying hi to each other at the end. Same board as before bar one person, and we have a new member replacing one who jumped ship ages ago. So there are now 7 of us which should make sharing the work a little easier. 

I drew, I yoga-ed, I walked. Very briefly, in the disgusting damp misty weather, down to the lake and back. All photos taken were dull photos, featureless, grey and uninspired - I should have taken my camera and done some macro shots! As I walked towards the front door I saw the drama of the old birch tree in the mist, and the white sky behind. So that's my blip. There is a wooden bar in the tree and you can just see the long, long ropes that hold my swing. It hangs over a drop into the lower garden and is often considered thrilling by the uninitiated.

I also sat and I knitted, and at the same time listened to two hours of Adriene (of with yoga fame) talking about her background, her philosophy - she is such a lovely person!! And she has a very thorough grounding in yoga which helps to explain the care she takes that we don't hurt ourselves - she knows the potential pitfalls in every move, and gently suggests addressing them. I really bow down to her as a teacher.

I have soaked some dried apricots in boiling water and curry powder to add to the soup for tomorrow, improvising the recipe from yesterday since my soup is already cooked. It's been really pleasant sitting quietly at home, relaxing and thinking, taking time to read the paper and to just chill. Knowing there was a meeting in the evening hung there all day really, I'm obviously no longer used to having a diary full of meetings!! Which is good, after many years of a lot of that sort of thing.

Almost forgot! To match the rather dull day, I did a rather dull job and started the book-keeping. There was a bit more than I remembered in terms of outgoings, and absolutely no more incomings than I remembered, namely two invoices. Both were for substantial amounts of work done before the summer, and it looks like this spring will be the same. I am so happy to work when the weather is not my favourite kind, as soon as I can be outdoors I have no interest in sitting at the computer! November would be an ideal working month...

I am struggling a bit with Hilary Mantel's final Cromwell book, but will keep at it. Part of the challenge is that it's a huge, heavy tome and I read lying down in bed. It fell onto my face twice last night, before I finally gave up and put the lights out!

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