Got 'em!

I have captured the male Ruby Throated Hummingbird at not only the blue feeder hanging on the porch but also at the orange feeder in the circular garden (see extra).  After drinking at the one he went and checked out the other.

Now I feel like I can say I'm done for the day!  I've gotten done the important item on my list!

My mum has texted to say her parcel arrived so she has muffin mixes to choose from and she has hung her "sundress" hand towel that Vada made for her.  She's very happy to have received that.   She also got Kent's old iPhone and she is super excited about getting a sims card for it the next time she goes into Kirkwall.  Since she uses an iPad all the time, she won't have any bother using the iPhone.  

I'm off back outside to see what other birds are visiting today and to enjoy the sunshine as the rain is coming this way.  

Stay home if you can and take care of yourself and each other xx 

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