By dfb24

Drops of Water...

...on glass, over my Ipad with a colored pattern on the screen. Not leaving the house hardly at all really limits my photo taking abilities, so I'm having to try to be creative. Yesterday was the first day I left Tom since he's been home, & I told him to stay put until I got back. (I was only gone half an hour). I had to take our taxes over to the office where we have them done, and when I dropped them off, the gal at the desk asked where Tom was. I told her what had happened, and that I'd thought I'd better get the taxes taken care of before anything else went wrong. She passed the info on to the lady that always does our taxes for us, who called me that afternoon to tell me how badly she felt about what had happened to Tom, and to say she'd done our taxes right away & they were all filed. What a nice thing it was for her to do them so quickly. The home care nurse was here today as well to check him over. Although he says he still feels "crappy", I think he looks better, is less winded when he walks, and his appetite is improving.....all a relief to me and to the girls. It's hard, because they all want reassurance from me that he'll be okay, and as much as I'd like to say yes, only God knows what's to come, and I feel best being grateful for whatever time we have & leaving the rest in His capable hands.    :)

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