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By HarlingDarling

Just one photo

Today's drawing was the only photo I took, and that was only to show off to my family... I'm feeling a bit "mellow"... OK, tired.

So the following got done in the day:
A 2 hour drawing was done, see blip above.
A yoga session with Adriene, and Keith of course was completed!
Breakfast was eaten in glorious sunshine, sitting on the patio where the wind didn't bother us.
A large amount of ice and snow bashing was carried out with a metal spade and a snow shovel, to "help the spring".
Two wheelbarrows worth of smashed up ice from the path was dumped off the edge of my garden.
A table was carried out to the patio at the red house, we have visitors coming on Friday and are hoping sunning oneself will happen.

The hoover was pushed around all over the house, and dust was sucked (In Swedish a hoover is a dammsugare, a dust-sucker, it's a very concrete language)
A lot of detritus was removed, thrown away, hidden in drawers, moved to another location, magiced away. Quite a lot of it was connected to a) Christmas, b) Keith's birthday. Things move with glacial slowness in this house at times.
The horribly dirty, winter-dusty windows were cleaned. Three of them have 4 panes of glass, joined by hinges, you open them up to clean them and then, when you close them, you see all the streaks you have made. But it's cleanly streaky glass... The 4th is a modern sealed window but I only did one side before energy faded.

Easter decorations were put on one of the newly revealed windowsills, modest, discrete, pretty - and that's all I will be doing.
Easter cloths were dug out of the linen cupboard, well, spring cloths with embroidered flowers and pussy willows etc. Patiently made by Swedish women I expect, and sold in charity shops for tuppence. To me, who values them highly.
Plants that were not looking too inspiring were moved to new locations, none were thrown out. I have a big heart.

I think that's about it. I didn't go for an actual walk, but clocked up well over 10,000 steps. I stopped for tea at 7.30, parsnip soup and a glass of fizzy water, and a Medjool date.

Day 15 of a 14 day fast is almost at an end, I just didn't want to stop so I carried on! I'd be happy to do another week, but tomorrow I will eat more normally so I can enjoy Easter fare with friends. Outside probably, it will be about 6 degrees and sunny on Saturday which is the big day here. It might just work!

Whilst I was doing the above, Keith was cycling to the shop for supplies, preparing to bake hot cross buns (my request) and generally being very homely. I love days like this, where energy is more than sufficient to the tasks in hand, and where all of it is done with what feels like little effort. I'm a firm believer in waiting for the right moment to do things like cleaning, then the mood is right and everything seems easy and even fun. I have the same attitude to art, knitting, music-making etc etc - but there is another strand of thinking happening at the same time, and that strand makes room for art, knitting and music-making etc etc. Otherwise the things that feed me would get neglected. It's been a really happy day. 

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