Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

Skating or cycling no

I'd met Carl a couple of days before and only realised when I got home that I'd left my iPad behind, so we met today for the hand-back.

We arranged to meet at Sadymount and I decided to get there early and treat myself to a walk along the seafront before Carl arrived. I hadn't been managing at all well on the walking front since the blocked artery in my left leg had caused me to go to A&E and had ended up in hospital for six days. I've been put on blood thinner, which I'm none too happy about, but the vascular consultant is wary of taking the surgery route because they've already messed around with that leg to sort out the aneurysm.

Anyway, I managed reasonably well and was quite chuffed with myself by the time my iPad and I were reunited. During my walk I came across this message on the path and felt my hackles rise. Whoever and wherever decided it was a good idea to lay out warnings like this the wrong way round should be shot! I understand the thinking, but I find it really unnecessary and annoying. It's the same as reversing flipping AMBULANCE so it reads the right way in rear-view mirrors — like I always say: we expect things to be reversed in a mirror and it just adds confusion to compensate this way.

End of rant.

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