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By walkingMarj

Spring bouquet

This wonderful bouquet arrived today. Our friends Josie and David sent it for Mum, in time for Easter. Josie says that she imagines Mum will receive lots of flowers when she is 100 (in September) so they decided to send flowers now. Wonderful.

My day has been dominated by the shingles. It's not worse but no better and I still feel washed out. It's a good excuse to lie around and knit. I can close my eyes for a good part of the time and that helps.

There has been a debacle about the prescription for antivirals. These were prescribed on Tuesday afternoon - we have a dispensing practice -  and did not arrive yesterday. When I checked this morning, our surgery had none and "hoped" they would come in on the late afternoon order.

I set about finding another pharmacy with supplies. The saga has gone on all day and I'm hoping they will be delivered this evening. I had a small supply "just in case" so I have been on the necessary treatment. I'm sad to say that our surgery is not coping well at the moment.

The Royal Society of Medicine had Prof Chris Witty as the speaker for the lunchtime Covid webinar. He spoke very well indeed and was able to explain a lot of the complexity of dealing with the virus.

Did anyone else watch Deutschland 83 when it first came out? I've managed to miss 86 and now there is 89. I thought I could start with the last episode of 83, but found I did not remember enough, so I have started at the beginning. It will take me a long time to catch up!!

Julie went to Belsay Hall today. We should have gone together. Another time. 

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