Written In Ink

By inkstainedhand

Good Friday

Another Easter Weekend. Due to the changes in many of the shops' opening hours over the weekend, I went shopping, to get food supplies (and new work shoes) to get through the weekend. Getting to the larger shops can be tricky from where we live because there aren't any direct buses running between Crawley and Horley, without having to walk for at least ten or fifteen minutes on at least one end. So I had to take two buses to get the shopping home. I've got a bus pass on my phone, which I often pay for; it's either a monthly pass or a twenty-four-hour pass, depending on where I need to go and whether or not I have an active pass already.

I mentioned about getting new shoes. When I first started working at the care home, I wore my boots (Doc Martens) but got told I wasn't allowed to wear them any more. So I'd gone into Sainsbury's to get some cheap flats. However, they didn't last more than a few months and I noticed yesterday that one of the soles had a deep slit in it and the treads were almost completely worn off. I'd planned to buy the same shoes from Sainsbury's but due to my wage not coming in until I was on route home, so I bought a very similar pair of shoes from Asda today.

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